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 Register with us today - Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne & More.

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Wendy and Paul will be holding a 2 Day Course in Hypnosis Foundation which includes the Kinetic Shift Technique. We have an fantastic offer for you, $1250.00  for the 2 day course. Earlybird offers may apply. We look forward to seeing you there.

Contact us for more details. 

Mulitple Locations in 2021, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne.

To log your interest send your location and email details to us, or pm direct on the following, or Wendy 0408 481 486

Hypnosis Foundation which includes Rapid Hypnosis Inductions and Kinetic Shift Practitioner Course.

This course is suitable for all levels. Beginner to seasoned therapists. CPD accredited

Day 1:

Rapid Inductons

Emotional Detox 

Learn how to hypnotise almost anyone, anywhere safely and efficiently;

You will learn the hypnotic cycle from start to finish step by step;

Suitable for both therapeutic & performance environments;

This day increases your personal & professional confidence to a new level;

Are you intrigued about hypnosis and want to know more?;

Have you been on a course and it's all clear as mud?, Then this course is for you;

Your UK Hypnosis Academy Trainers Wendy McNish & Paul Harrison are both fully accredited Hypnotherapist with a wealth of skill, knowledge & expertise to share.

Day 2:

This Training Course is suitable for all levels from beginner to seasoned therapist. It leads to a UK Hypnosis Academy Kinetic Shift Practitioners Qualification;

Kinetic Shift is more than just another technique. It is Active, Intuitive, Dynamic & Energising. Building & and harnessing Belief, Intent & Confidence are at the core of Kinetic Shift;

Kinetic Shift forms an important part of a new wave in Mental & Emotional Healthcare and provides a pivotal fresh approach to Change work as we know. 

Having gained global traction with training in 16 countries and a community of some 1400 Kinetic Shift Practitioners world wide. You will learn the 7 steps of Kinetic Shift and how to deliver Kinetic Shift in a safe and ethical fashion, in both a clinical setting and as an emergency measure.

The Kinetic Shift element of this 2 day course leads to Practitioners Certification, which is an insurable qualification.

The 7 Steps of Kinetic Shift:

1. Alert the State

2. ILS - Content Free Method

3. Eye Move It Technique (EMIT)

4. BackFill Process

5. Anchoring

6. Calibration

7. Confusion

You do not need to have any formal hypnotherapy qualifications to attend the course, and you have the option to attend either one or both training days as required. However, it is strongly recommended that you attend Day One if you are attending the Kinetic Shift training on Day Two.

Should you have any questions about the course and or have any disability restrictions that need to be accommodated, please contact the organising trainers directly.

Every effort will be made to accommodate attendees but difficulties may occur as the UK Hypnosis Academy is bound to comply with the service providers requirements at the training location.

Course Location: 

TBD Subject to Expression of Interest: Option Location







Proposed Course Dates: 

Dubbo July 17th & 18th, 2021

Melbourne - August

Brisbane - Sept or Wendy 0408 481 486

Course Fees:

Two Day Combined - $1,250.00

Refresher for previously trained KS Practitioners.

CPD $200 open to UK Hypnosis Academy Qualified KS Practitioners only T&C apply

Course Details including course registration/enrolment forms: or Wendy on 0408 481 486


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